The short answer to this is…yes, absolutely!

You don’t need to be a huge, mutli-million pound organisation to have a successful Search Engine Optmised website.

What you do need is; time, knowledge and good written communication skills.

Last year in the UK, 28,000,000 people performed 1.6bn searches on Google alone. The real question is; can you afford NOT to use SEO?

So how exactly can a small business benefit from SEO? Below are 5 massive benefits of SEO to your company…


1. Generates new business

The great thing about SEO is that you are not forcing yourself on potential customers. They come looking for you.

In fact, customers who find you by searching on the Internet are 10 times more likely to buy from you than those who receive an email or flyer from you, or see your advert in a newspaper or magazine.

It really does pay to get your website in to a top position of a search engine, especially Google.


2. Improves conversion rates

SEO is completely measurable. You can see at the click of a mouse what content is working on your website and what isn’t.

This allows you to focus on the more effective content, remove the stuff that isn’t making you money and improve those conversions.


3. Builds brand awareness

When searching for a product or service online that do you trust more…a company that has paid to be at the top of a page, or a company that has earned its position?

65% of search engine users in the UK feel that companies ranking in the organic results are more trustworthy, and 72% believe them to be more relevant to their search.

If you have already gained a potential customer’s trust before they have even looked at your website you’re already halfway to converting them.


4. Creates a more user-friendly website

As you monitor your SEO and adapt your website accordingly you will, in turn, create a more user-friendly website.

The happier your users are, the more search engines will reward you for it. The more you are rewarded, the more happy visitors you will attract. Everyone’s a winner!


5. Help you beat your competition

On average, over 45% of Google users will click on the 1st organic result. Only 16% of Google users will click on the result in position 2.

If you’re ranking number 1 and your competitor is ranking number 2 you are going to get almost 3 times as many potential customers to your website than they are.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of the benefits of SEO. For more information on where to start give us a call or drop us a message here.